Plastering Plymouth

Plastering in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall & the South West – incl. Tape & Jointing, Decorating & Finishing.

Expert Finishing

STED Interiors can take care of all your finishing requirements, leaving your space looking worthy of being in a page of a magazine. Our services include, plastering, tape & jointing and decorating / finishing, always using highly qualified staff.

Plastering Plymouth - Training Room - STED Interiors Ltd

A Turnkey Solution – Plastering, Tape & Jointing

At STED Interiors, we provide a full turnkey operation. Once we have built your walls and ceilings, we can plaster skim them, or tape and joint them, leaving them ready for us to decorate, for a smooth, clean finish.

Plastering leaves your walls smooth-to-touch, using a 2-3mm thick gypsum plaster, which once dried, can be painted and finished in the colour of your choice.

Tape and jointing is a quick and easy way to have walls finished in no time. Gaps are filled between each wallboard with a gypsum compound, and rubbed down smooth to give a full flat finish to the walls. This method removes the inconvenience of waiting for walls to dry, allowing them to be decorated almost immediately, however, and in whatever colour you choose.

Plastering Plymouth - Office Refit - STED Interiors Ltd

Effective Solutions

No matter the size of the project, both plastering and tape & jointing are a remarkably effective solution. The decision on which to use, depends on your personal preference. However, we are happy to impart advice and explain the differences, should you require assistance.

The team at STED Interiors are very particular with attention to detail when it comes to the finishing of any space, whether it is a brightly painted room, or a minimalistic grey or white fitted area. The ultimate finished space and a happy client is our end goal.

If you would like to discuss a project, or need more information regarding Tape & Jointing, Decorating, Finishing or Plastering in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall, or the South West, please call us on 01752 963670 and we will be happy to assist.

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