Drylining Plymouth

Professional Drylining in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall & the South West.

Interior Fit Outs & Reconfiguring Spaces

If you are looking to reconfigure the space you currently occupy, e.g. a big open plan office which needs dividing into multi-purpose use, the creation of storage space, private areas or shower rooms etc., STED Interiors are skilled and experienced in installing Drylining.

Drylining Plymouth - Finished Hallway - STED Interiors Ltd

Convenient New Walls

Drylining is a quick and easy way to build new walls within a space or building. The walls are built using metal studs which are covered with plasterboard, then finished either with skim plaster or with the adjoining boards taped & jointed.

Within the plasterboards, you can choose different thicknesses of insulation which helps both control noise travelling between rooms, and warmth retention. These walls are quick to erect. Therefore, the speed & ease of the installation means you can have a newly divided space in a very short period of time.

STED Interiors will finish the walls with the carpentry work required, taking care of your skirtings, door linings, doors & ironmongery – see our carpentry page for more in-depth information regarding these services.

Drylining Plymouth - Finished Room - STED Interiors Ltd

Types of Drylining

We use different types of plasterboard for specific types of environment. For example, if you are concerned about noise levels or sound transfer, we can use a sound-block board, if it is a wet area such as a kitchen or shower room, then we can install moisture boards. There is a solution we can offer for every type of room.

External walls of your space may be cold and not comfortable to work in, or whatever purpose you might be using it for. STED Interiors can provide a solution for this. We can offer a wall-lining system to help keep the warmth in, which also gives a nice smooth finish to the inside of your area/room.

If you require Drylining in Plymouth or the South West, for your business/organisation, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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