Glass Partitioning Plymouth

Contemporary, demountable glass partitioning in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall & the South West.

Create New Areas

Creating new office areas using demountable glass partitioning is just one of the installations we love doing at STED Interiors. A sleek office glass partition from your floor to your ceiling gives an elegant and timeless look to any environment.

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Types of Glass Partitioning

Glass partitions can be used for an entire range of spaces. There are a variety of options to choose from, depending on your requirements – whether for an office space, a quiet space, an area where a whole team can meet, and other purposes.

A single glazed system: This creates a division but not actually a divide, retaining the flow in the office.

A double-glazed system: If you decide on double glazing over single glazed, this will be more efficient in reducing the sound travel inside, and outside of the room.

Banded glass partitioning: This is becoming extremely popular, as industrial-style areas or office look, are rapidly trending.

Acoustic glass system: A great solution if you are requiring the utmost in privacy within your room, or using it for a focus space, or consultation room.

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Modern, Contemporary Spaces

Partitioning creates a modern, professional, contemporary space for clients to attend meetings, or discuss business. First impressions are key, and having glass partitioning takes this to the next level.

Blinds are also a great option, if required for privacy. Otherwise, the glass system offers a defined, segregated space, whilst letting the natural light flood through the whole area. Another feature of these systems is that some may be relocatable, and can be easily taken down or moved, should you decide to relocate your office, or change things around a little. Glass partitions are a great alternative to that of your typical drylining partitioning system.

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