Joinery and Carpentry Plymouth

Delivering skilled, bespoke Joinery & Carpentry in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall & the South West.

Joinery & Carpentry Solutions

If you require Joiners or Carpenters with excellent manual dexterity, and a flair for creating bespoke solutions for your business or organisation, STED Interiors should be your first port of call.  Our team are qualified and experienced in all aspects of Joinery & Carpentry.

Carpentry Plymouth - Kitchen Joinery - STED Interiors Ltd

Highly Skilled Carpenters & Joiners

We only used highly skilled carpenters. This may sound like a silly statement, but our guys are excellent! They work cleanly, tidily, and efficiently, paying first-class attention to every little detail. Our carpenters use only the finest tools and materials, to ensure every finish is perfect. They help to put the finishing touches to our partitions, skirtings, door linings, architraves, doors & ironmongery. Their wide variety of knowledge and skill is also used in other areas, to help install commercial kitchens and washrooms, desks, cabinets and basically anything that involves working with wood!

If you require joinery or carpentry in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and the South West for your business or organisation, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Carpentry Plymouth - Wooden Acoustic Panels - STED Interiors Ltd

A Wide Variety of Projects

Our team have been involved in some remarkably interesting projects over the years, such as timber slatted acoustic walls, adding sound absorption & class to any space. This solution is becoming increasingly popular in lots of different spaces, and ranges from office meeting rooms to your very own living room. Acoustic timber walls come in many different shades, such as standard oak, black, blue, grey and many more, so you will be spoilt for choice. They definitely add a touch of class to any space!

We can deal with a wide variety of projects, incl. those such as a custom-built staircase, or some purpose-built cabinets. We are happy to discuss any project or idea, and will be more than pleased to offer our expertise and advice, in order to create the perfect carpentry solution for you.

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